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Dynamic Transformations

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​​Greetings!  My name is Kara Driskell, owner of Dynamic Transformations™​, and I feel gratitude you are visiting this website.

Years ago, I was introduced to hypnosis & neurolinguistic programming (NLP) through an intimate workshop setting for hypno-shaping (weight loss). I only attended the workshop to protect someone else from falling under a spell. I arrived as a skeptic, having only stage hypnotists and movies as the foundation for what I understood it to be.  I was all set to expose it as a gimmick and I asked the hypnotist to prove to me it wasn't. In a very gentle way, he explained how hypnosis was safe; how the hypnotist could not impose his/her will over mine; the scientific studies on brain function; how the brain processes language; how people naturally have trance states; how the unconscious mind keeps everything running smoothly …or not so smoothly.  

Then he posed this question:

If the unconscious mind is running 80-90% of my body and mental/emotional functions while I am totally unaware, and if I have been unhappy with the outcome thus far, why not guide the unconscious mind in a direction that will produce a better outcome? 

That one question rocked my world, and in a good way! Could I be happier?  Could I get this monkey off my back that I have had my whole life?  Was I ready for that to be gone?  I decided to schedule a private session regarding issues not related to the workshop and as a result, had a profound life changing shift.  I realized this is real and it works!  I now have peace I hadn't experienced before. That one life changing session created other positive shifts that pop up in new and wonderful ways in my life. I realize I don't have to live with old patterns.  As I become aware of blocks and issues in my own life I now can release them quickly through hypnosis.

I received my certification as a hypnotherapist (CHt)  from the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners in January of 2013 and as a NLP practitioner by Larry Dillenbeck of the Lighthouse Center for Consciousness Studies. I have over 30 hours of advanced medical hypnosis training, focusing on pain management, general health,  and well-being through the Ashland School of Hypnotherapy.   
I am a permanent student of Dr. Mike Mandel,  internationally known hypnotist and NLP instructor, through his Hypnosis Academy in Canada, and have been trained in the advanced methodology of Mindscaping.

For clarification, and for my protection as well as yours, note that I am not a medical professional and do not diagnose any physical or mental conditions, and make no claim to cure any medical or mental conditions.  However,  I do offer great support to a medical doctor's diagnosis and treatment plan.

I am not a therapist, but an agent of change in support of your unconcious mind as it supports profound changes in your life.

I deeply enjoy helping people to achieve improved goals and outcomes, and often teach them how to do self hypnosis to be empowered in their own lives.

Thank you for allowing me to share and be part of your journey through Dynamic Transformations™.